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Osmic Olfactory Testing

Olfactory nerves


Applications for OEI Products & Services



The OLFACT™ family of instruments delivers computerized, self-administered tests for assessing odor thresholds, odor identification, and odor memory.  The tests are currently being used by physicians, researchers and commercial businesses to test for anosmia, hyposmia and normal function.  Additionally, they are being used to evaluate personal preferences for various fragrances, the interaction between different odors, and the relationship between taste and smell.  Scientists are also discovering unique relationships between neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Diseases and the sense of smell.  

Medical Diagnosis:

The OLFACT™ test battery is currently being used/tested by physicians to confirm their diagnosis of olfactory dysfunction. Research studies are also under way to investigte the OLFACT™ test battery as a diagnostic marker for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Patient Monitoring:

The OLFACT™ test battery is currently being used/tested by physicians to monitor changes in patients olfactory sense.  The changes may be anticipated improvement due to medical treatment or decline due to age, medical conditions or exposure to various chemicals.

Occupational and Industrial Assessments:

The OLFACT™ test battery is ideally suited for use in evaluating and monitoring olfactory function in workers in such occupations as firefighters and police for assessing their ability to identify dangerous and/or illegal substances.  Additionally, the test is well suited for use in surveillance programs of workers in industrial settings exposed to volatile chemicals in order to determine the cumulative effects of exposure to such compounds on olfaction.

Commercial Product R & D:

Commercial flavor, fragrance and food stuff companies are using olfactometers to quantify peoples reactions to various odors. The OLFACT™  test battery can be used to validate sensory panels and to investigate various olfactory parameters of fragrances such as hedonics, thresholds and inter-odorant masking.

Basic Research:

Chemosensory scientists are investigating the basic mechanisms of olfactory function and dysfunction, such as odor identification, discrimination, threshold and memory.

Epidemiological Studies:

Epidemiological studies typically require a test that 1) can be used hundreds if not thousands of times, 2) is relatively easy to administer in a short period of time and 3) provides reliable and valid data.  The OLFACT™ instruments are designed for this type of application.  They are easy to administer, cost-effective, portable instruments that are designed for high-throughput testing.  The same instrument can be easily recharged to deliver consistent, reliable tests for the most rigorous epidemiological studies.


The OLFACT fMRI™ Olfactometer is a cost effective instrument designed to deliver odorant stimuli in a MRI environment. The instrument consists of two units: 1) the base unit which houses solenoid valves, the electronic control board, and an air flow system consisting of flowmeters and a pressure regulator; and 2) the Odorant Reservoir Box which contains the individual odorants and is constructed entirely of glass and plastic. The two components are connected by a 24 foot hose via a quick-disconnect. Presentation of odorant stimuli are controlled either by Osmic's proprietary operating software or by commercial programs such as E-Prime® or Presentation®. Up to 8 odorants can be delivered (6 are standard) with the presentation linked to the inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle. A program is also provided to allow psychophysical characterization (intensity, pleasantness, etc.) of selected odorants. If a larger number of odorants is needed, the instrument can be configured to allow rapid switching of the Odor Reservoir Box.


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