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OLFACT–RL - Odor Threshold Test:

The OLFACT-RL™ is a computerized, self-administered, odor threshold test that has proven to be a reliable and valid instrument for assessing olfactory function.

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OLFACT-ID™ Odor Identification Test:

The OLFACT-ID™ is a 40 item odor identification test – with a 4 alternative forced choice response.  It provides a good test for clinical assessments and research applications.

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OLFACT-ID/M™ Odor Identification and Memory Test

The odor memory test assesses a person's ability to remember odors that were previously presented (episodic odor memory). The odor identification phase also provides a measure of semantic memory.

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fMRI Olfactometer

The OLFACT-fMRI™ is a cost effective instrument for delivering odorant stimuli in a MRI environment. In the standard configuration, up to six different odorants can be presente. Presentation of the odorants can be linked to the inspieratory phase of the respiratory cycle. Two days of onsite installation and training are included in the purchase price.

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The OEI Customer Service Department provides technical assistance and training for quick setup and operation of the OLFACT™ olfactometers.  Additionally, custom programming is available for the computer interface for special clinical applications and research protocols.  Engineering services are also available to design new olfactometers for specialized applications. 

  • Set up assistance
  • Repairs
  • Recharging
  • Custom design of new equipment for special applications
  • Custom programming for special applications
  • Collaboration on clinical and basic research projects
  • Grant preparation

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